The results are in from the first survey of our Woman Rider Consumer Panel. (Not sure what that is? Check it out here.) The panel, which is made up of more than 1,100 women who ride, is our voice to the motorcycle industry, and we’re going to make sure we are heard.

We dove right into a hot-button topic on our first survey: women’s motorcycle apparel, and some of the answers might surprise you! (Or not.) We also touched on some dealership questions because we were curious about female representation and how well our dealers are doing at addressing the growing number of women riders.

So without further ado, here are some interesting excerpts from our survey:

We’ll start with a statistic that will get your attention. 62% of our panelists have walked out of a dealership because they were treated poorly. We’ll definitely be sharing that with our colleagues over at Powersports Business, a trade publication for powersports dealerships.

On a somewhat positive note, more panelists than not reported their local dealer has at least one female salesperson (44% said yes, 40% said no, with 16% saying they don’t know).

However, it’s a different story when it comes to the parts department, with only 34% reporting their dealership has a woman behind the counter.

Now, on to a topic that tends to generate some passionate opinions amongst women riders: apparel.

First things first: pink gear. Manufacturers seem to think we want it, but is that true? Survey says….

Not really.

53% of our panelists say they don’t mind it but it’s not their style. 33% downright hate pink motorcycle gear, with young women being the most opinionated about this. Only 14% love it (and I personally know a few of you and I love your style!).

So apparel makers, by all means keep offering pink, but some other colors would be great too, thanks!

We also learned that an apparel’s brand name matters a lot less to our panelists than versatility, proper fit and protection. Bottom line: if you build it (properly), we will buy it!

Our next survey will deploy very soon and will address the topic of motorcycle design and what kind of bikes we, as female riders, want. Do you want in? You can join our panel anytime by clicking here and filling out the application.


  1. I expected that some women would report they were treated poorly at dealerships. I expected a “significant number”. I never expected a figure as high as 62%. Absolutely incredible. What is wrong with dealerships today – isn’t this the year 2020? Any dealership that has customers walking out the door because of how they were treated absolutely deserves to go out of business.


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