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Woman Rider is home for women who ride, whether on two wheels, three wheels or four. WR publishes content created for women by women, encouraging community, camaraderie and the creation of the independent spirit motorcycling brings. 

Joy Burgess

Joy Burgess, Editor

Joy Burgess comes to the motorcycle industry with more than 15 years of editorial and marketing experience. After her husband passed away in 2015, she was introduced to motorcycles for the very first time. She fell in love with motorcycles and the people who ride them, and at the darkest point in her life found freedom, family, and home in the motorcycle community. In 2019, she began working for sister publication Thunder Press magazine and currently remains a part of the editorial team. After the success of Thunder Press‘ Women in Motorcycling issue, she was excited to focus even more on telling the inspiring stories of women riders and helping other women find home…a dream that’s come true as she’s taken the helm as the Editor of Woman Rider.

Jenny Smith

Current ride: 2019 Honda NC750X
Some say she once traversed the Nevada desert on a Speed Triple with bald street tires, and that she mounted a device to her bike that pushes aside slow-moving vehicles that refuse to use turn-outs…all we know is, she’s called Jenny. She purchased her first bike at the age of 18, hiding it from her mom in the backyard and taking it out after dark to practice in a nearby church parking lot. By now, her parents have resigned themselves to the fact that she’s a passionate rider, and she’s thrilled to make that passion her career. From a stint as the Marketing Director for Twisted Throttle, to selling BMWs, Triumphs and Ducatis at Northern Colorado Euro, to marketing and business development for RawHyde’s BMW off-road training center, and finally as the former Managing Editor for Rider and Editor of Woman Rider, Jenny is an industry insider who wants to empower more women to ride!

Deena Mastracci

Deena Mastracci, Contributor

Current ride: BMW S 1000 XR
Deena Mastracci, a.k.a. Mad Maxine Moto, is an endurance driver, Guinness World Record and Transcontinental Record holder…and a new motorcyclist! After years spent experiencing motorcycles from the back seat, she decided that it was time to get her license and pilot her own. But Deena isn’t your average woman—she thought it would be fun to set a new World Record while she was at it. Immediately after getting her motorcycle endorsement in June 2016, she left the southern California DMV on her new (to her) BMW F 800 GT, and proceeded to ride it all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, back across Canada and the U.S. to New York, then back to southern California, officially breaking the record for “Longest Continuous Journey by a New Licensee.” As a Physical Therapist and personal trainer with 29 years of experience, she is also an expert on fitness, she’s looking forward to helping educate and empower women riders!

Jeannine Condon

Jeannine Condon, Contributor

Current ride: Suzuki SV650 (track bike), Kawasaki KLX250
Thanks to the enthusiastic encouragement of two motor-head parents, Jeannine began riding dirt bikes at age nine, already having much experience as a passenger. At 15, she was on the racetrack, where she now works as an instructor for Tony’s Track Days. Jeannine is a Rider Coach in Rhode Island for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and coaches advanced parking lot courses with Riding in the Zone. As a critical care nurse, Jeannine chooses to mitigate the risks of motorcycling through continuous skill improvement and a wholehearted investment in safe fun. Jeannine currently has a KLX250, which she rides avidly in the back roads and trails of Eastern Connecticut and an SV650 track bike. Next on the list will be an adventure bike to continue her love of motorcycle camping and adventure touring.

Annick Magac

Annick Magac, Contributor

Current ride: Current rides: KTM RC390, ’73 Kawasaki S1
Annick bought her first motorcycle when she was 21 and lived in NYC. As a complete newbie, she took her freshly purchased unreliable vintage bike on her first ride, where she promptly broke down on the Brooklyn Bridge. As she pushed her bike off the bridge followed by a long angry honking line of backed up New York City traffic, Annick quickly learned that riding is not for the faint of heart. Oddly, that event cemented a love affair with all aspects of riding. She learned how to tear down and rebuild an engine. She raced a Honda RS125 for several years in CCS and ARHMA. She also founded and hosted a motorcycle night at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY. Annick has always been a huge supporter of empowering women to get involved in motorcycling and racing, and is proud to be a contributor for womanrider.com. Currently based in the Hudson Valley of NY, Annick is a best selling author, keynote speaker and life coach.

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Deborah Neilsen, Contributor

Current ride: 17 bikes, the newest of which is a 2016 Aprilia Tuono R
Deb is an avid (some might say obsessed) motorcyclist. The purchase of a Honda scooter a little more than 20 years ago has led to an addiction for motorized two-wheelers that seems to know no end and spurred her wanderlust. She currently has a stable of 17 bikes (which includes that original scooter). She says she chooses a bike as much for its engine configuration as for where it can take her. Fun fact: one of her bikes is a 2015 Triumph Tiger XRx that she bought from Woman Rider’s editor, Jenny Smith, when Jenny worked at a northern Colorado dealership. When not obsessing over motorcycles, she enjoys spending time with her Chinese Crested dogs, writing, the challenge of photography, and playing guitar and mandolin. She lives in the land of howling winds where two interstates intersect, a.k.a. southeast Wyoming.

Lynda Clarke Lahman, Contributor

Current ride: Honda NC700X, Yamaha XT250
Lynda is the author of four books, including “The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling.” In addition to her writing, she has a private practice as a Mental Skills Coach helping athletes break through mental barriers to reach peak performance, return after injuries and find pleasure in their sport. She works with clients both in person and remotely, and when not traipsing around the world with her husband Terry, she claims Snoqualmie, Washington as her home base. She is also proud to be the only person to finish the 11-day Iron Butt Rally as pillion (twice) and solo (once).