I know, I know, the Deep Rain boots are men’s boots. You know what? I don’t care. Women still only represent a tiny sliver of the total ADV market, so many manufacturers aren’t yet willing to commit to making women-specific boots. But if you’re going to be forced to wear a men’s boot, Sidi is a great place to start. For one thing, they tend to fit a little narrow and second, they make a quality product.

The top-of-the-line Sidi Adventure Gore Tex boots have always been on my wish list, but the $550 price tag (dropped to $495 for this year’s Adventure 2 Gore Tex) was discouraging, so when Sidi announced a new, lower-priced but feature-rich ADV boot, I jumped. The Deep Rains could be described as “ADV light,” with a blend of touring and off-road features that make them comfortable enough to wear on long, multi-day adventures, scrambling up hills to get the perfect pictures, but with enough toughness for off-road ADV riding.

Sidi Deep Rain Boots
Sidi Deep Rain Boots

They incorporate a nylon shank in the sole and hard armor in the shin and heel, for great protection against getting squashed by a falling luggage-laden bike. Unlike many other more motocross-oriented boots, they aren’t covered in plastic, nor do they feel overly stiff. I am not a believer in wearing boots like that on ADV bikes. Dabbing a foot on a 250-pound dirt bike and doing it on a 550-pound adventure touring machine are two different things. All a stiff plastic motocross boot will do for you in that case is save your ankle at the expense of your knee. But I digress.

The Deep Rains fasten with a combination of a large Velcro panel and replaceable cam lock buckles with memory retention straps, and the waterproof membrane extends far up the boot for dry feet even through water crossings. A large reflective panel above each heel attests to their touring intent.

The best part about the Deep Rains is the fit, at least for me. I have narrow heels and ankles, and they are comfortably snug on me. They don’t feel bulky and I retain surprisingly good lever feel. I haven’t taken any serious spills in them (yet), but in combination with my Dainese strap-on leg armor, I feel confident and protected, even when riding the big R 1200 GS.

The Deep Rains are a solid choice if you’re a serious ADV rider, especially if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck. They are available in Euro sizes 39-50.

Price: $295

Sizing: Runs slightly narrow at the heel and ankle

Best use: Adventure-touring


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