Female riders around the world will unite for what is dubbed the largest women’s motorcycling event on earth, the International Female Ride Day (IFRD), Saturday, May 6. This is the 11th annual IFRD, with the goal of highlighting and promoting women as motorcycle riders.

Each participant essentially becomes a role model or spokeswoman for every woman who rides, representing their own culture, city/region and country. It’s all-inclusive and can be experienced alone or in a group, on- or off-road, and on whatever type and size of motorcycle you prefer.

In past years, IFRD says it’s had participants from Canada, Iceland, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, the UK, The Netherlands, the U.S., the Czech Republic, Japan and more.

IFRD founder Vicky Gray wants women to get out there and “Just Ride” in unison, proving that more women are riding every year and that we are an essential component of motorcycling worldwide.

For more information, check out IFRD’s Facebook page.


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