If you wear an Italian motorcycle helmet, does that mean you automatically live la dolce vita and get to eat a lot of cannolis?

I don’t know about you, but I was willing to be the guinea pig and find out.

There were multiple conversations with Woman Rider Editor Jenny Smith to coordinate the delivery of the helmet. How does the weather look this week? Will you be home to receive it? These questions are important! No one wants her helmet stolen off the front porch or soaking wet when she receives it.

The helmet was delivered perfectly. As I started to unbox it, a part of me hoped that Valentino Rossi (AGV sponsored MotoGP Rider and long-time crush) would jump out and decide it was finally time for us to be together and live happily ever after. THAT would definitely be la dolce vita. Alas, no Rossi in the box.

AGV K-5 S helmet
With an internal sun shield, the K-5 S can transition seamlessly from day to night or rainy day riding.

What was in the box was the K-5 S Firerace in black/red. The helmet’s graphics look slick online and even better in person. I used to be a solid-color-only helmet wearer. These past few years, I have deviated and explored a variety of designs and colors. This particular Firerace graphic has Italian flair while still being subdued. I received many compliments on it. I found that it matched almost everything I owned, motor clothing related. It ends up that there are a lot of red details in gear across all manufacturers, which I hadn’t noticed before. If you’re like me, you like to match, so these details are important.

The sporty design makes you look fast while you stand around and fill gas. The K-5 S is a mid-level helmet with a list price of $449.95. For this amount, you get a lot of features.

What I like best about the K-5 S helmet is the fit. As I rode home the other night, it occurred to me that I never fuss with where it is positioned on my head. It doesn’t lift at high speeds. It doesn’t work its way down my forehead over a long ride. I put it on and it stays put. There were no issues with pressure on my forehead. The less you fuss with your gear, the more attention you can pay to the road and the experience of riding.

AGV K-5 S helmet
The K-5 S has a compact design that makes it easy and comfortable to turn your head while riding.

It has a relatively short design from the crown to chin. It ends at the jaw line, which is much shorter than usual. Most full-face helmets will fall about an inch below the chin. I love the shortness because it allows you to wear your jacket with the collar up for protection and warmth without it getting bunched, or gapped to allow air in. There is a wind proof chin protector that makes a big difference in comfort. This keeps air from lifting the front of the helmet up and also keeps you warmer on cool rides.

There is an internal sun visor that flips down and up with an exterior lever on the outside left side of the helmet. While I enjoyed the feature and not having to wear sunglasses while riding the moto, the lever is a little difficult to locate and use with gloves on.

The helmet boasts that it is “eyewear compatible.” Yes, you can wear glasses comfortably with the helmet. The downside is that I found it also makes the helmet a little noisy. When you push the ear area out with glasses, it allows air to get in there easily. Over a long ride, that could contribute to fatigue and be alleviated with the use of earplugs.

AGV K-5 S helmet
A variety of shell sizes helps the K-5 S fit snugly, even if you’re a size XS or Small!

Some people might complain that there isn’t enough ventilation with this helmet. I wore it in 80-degree weather comfortably without being sweaty. However, if you tend to be hot headed, the fact that it is limited in the number of vents might be a consideration. I felt the three large vents in the forehead area and two in the back were enough.

Overall, while the AGV K-5 S is priced as a mid-level helmet, it fits and acts like a high-end helmet. It’s light, and has a great fit and stylish looks.

Did I get to live la dolce vita while wearing it? I would say that anytime I get to swing a leg over a moto, the answer is yes. The AGV K-5 S just made me look good while doing it. As for the cannolis? Well, let’s not talk about how many I ate.

 For more information, visit agv.com.

Do you own a AGV K-5 SPlease share below.

I would love to get to know you and meet you on the road!

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