Update: April 1, 2020

It might surprise you that we actually really truly test products!

In the process of testing, it is true that we have to meet publishing deadlines, which might affect how long we use a product.

It is nice to have the space and breath to try a product over time. I find that when I buy products, I want them to be an investment and last me more than a few years. My most treasured gear has lasted me 15+ years! I don’t mind spending more to get a few more years out of something.

That being said, it is always a gamble to know where to spend your money. Some products fail over time and some just keep going.

It ends up that the Alpinestars Stella Kerry WP (Waterproof) boots keep going.

I wasn’t expecting to wear them as much as I have. The casual style fits a lot of my easy around-town riding.

I tested a scooter for more than a month. For some reason, it ended up being a ridiculous month of rain. I kept getting caught in heavy downpours. Every time, I happened to be in my Alpinestars Stella Kerry WP. Not once, did my feet get wet when the rest of my body was drenched.

Frankly, I’m shocked.

I wasn’t expecting this kind of waterproof protection from a casual boot. Usually, you get this kind of protection from a specific waterproof touring boot.

The other feature I have been impressed with is the sole. Yes, baby. These boots have soul. Specifically grippy sticky soles that make your feet plant firmly on the pavement. This hasn’t diminished over time. Every time I put my foot down, I know 100% they are on the ground. As a shorter rider, this is endlessly confidence inspiring.

These boots are definitely part of the ‘investment’ pieces.

“I’m looking for a boot that doesn’t look too motorcycle-y.”

Well hey, now. I’ve got one for ya.

How about I add waterproof and good looking too?

The Alpinestars Stella Kerry WP (WP=Waterproof) comes in either black or brown. I opted for the black knowing that most of my gear and clothing is…black. The brown is equally as handsome. Both colors sport a black rubber sole. They are made out of full grain nubuck leather, which gives them a matte finish. They are designed with a waterproof membrane to keep your tootsies dry.

The toe box is smooth and without any stitching for easy shifting. They have a pretty strap detail on the ankle that gives them some style and flair. You don’t have to fuss with the decorative straps as there are zippers for easy on/off.

When I pulled the boots out of the box, I was concerned that they might be a little stiff. However, as soon as I started to wear them they did not need a break in period. They felt like boots I have owned for years. That worked out well, because I ended up wearing them to Americade where I walked a few miles in them without any issues. Phew!

As for safety, the toe box and heel counter is reinforced. There are what Alpinestars calls “dual density ankle disks.” Your feet feel protected in all the right spots.

Alpinestars Stella Kerry WP in black.
Alpinestars Stella Kerry WP in black.

One of the best, and most understated, features of these boots is the rubber sole. I know that is a hard one to get excited about, but let me explain.

In a lot of casual style motorcycle boots, the soles are a combination of faux leather and little bit of rubber. In the Kerry, the full sole is vulcanized rubber and super grippy. This becomes a big deal when you’re trying to maneuver your moto either standing or sitting on it. You actually have grip to push with your legs.

Have you ever gone to push your bike and nearly slipped because your feet came out from under you and almost caused you to drop your bike? Add an audience in a parking lot and it’s enough to make you turn several shades of red. These boots make you feel confident in your stance.

The best part about these boots is that they don’t look like motorcycle boots at all, and yet they offer all the protection you need for casual riding.

If you’re looking for a good all-around pair that is fashion oriented, casual and easy to wear on and off the motorcycle, the Alpinestars Stella Kerry WP is it. I wouldn’t be surprised if these became part of your daily look. They’re hip and easy to style with many different outfits.

The Stella Kerry WP is available in black or brown, in women’s Euro sizes 36-41, for $199.95.

For more information, visit alpinestars.com.

Do you own the Alpinestars Stella Kerry WPPlease share below.

I would love to get to know you and meet you on the road!

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