Dainese Racing 3 Lady D-air jacket.
Dainese Racing 3 Lady D-air jacket.

Dainese has announced the third generation of its D-air line of airbag-equipped riding gear, which for the first time includes products designed specifically for women. The Misano 2 Lady D-air is the first professional leather suit for women equipped with an airbag, the Avro Lady D-air is a road-oriented suit and the Racing 3 Lady D-air is a leather jacket.

All of these products offer the same features and technology as the men’s line.

This third-gen D-air system is said to offer improved ergonomics and efficiency, designed to protect the most exposed areas of the body and to deploy at exactly the right moment. Dainese says this redesign is now 37 percent lighter than the previous version and is better integrated into the apparel for greater comfort.

Also new is the replaceable airbag; after a deployment, the airbag can be replaced by an authorized dealer.

The D-air system, which carries 27 patents, uses three gyroscopes, three accelerometers and a GPS, data from which is measured and analyzed 1,000 per second to determine if and when deployment should occur.

Unlike other airbag products, the D-air uses special microfilaments that controls inflation and prevents the bag from losing its shape, for even pressure and protection in the event of impact.

We’re stoked to see Dainese adding such top-of-the-line equipment to its women’s line. To learn more, visit dainese.com.

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