The struggle is real. Trying to find riding pants that offer protection, comfort andform-fitting style isn’t easy. On a recent motorcycle tour in Canada, where temperatures ranged from chilly mornings to hot afternoons, a woman from Australia raved about her GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings. Made of a durable 95-percent cotton, 5-percent Spandex outer layer and a highly abrasion-resistant 95-percent Kevlar, 5-percent Spandex inner layer, the GoGo Gear leggings have removable CE Level 1 knee armor and inside pockets for optional hip protectors.

Putting them on for the first time, I smiled with relief–they were comfortable and fit like regular, form-fitting pants. Because of the two-layer design they’re thick, but they fit my curves nicely whereas traditional textile riding pants are very stiff and straight. The 5-percent Spandex allows them to stretch, so there’s no binding at my hips when sitting or getting on or off the bike, and there are no buttons or snaps to dig into my skin. And since they fit like a glove, the adjustable, flexible armor is exactly where it needs to be for optimal knee protection and is never bothersome. 

These leggings have been a game-changer; they’re the only motorcycle pants that I’ve actually enjoyed wearing. Despite their thickness, the leggings breathe well so they don’t get too hot in warm weather nor do they trap in body heat or perspiration. The double layers provide good insulation, making them comfortable in cool weather as well (on particularly cold days I’ll wear tights underneath and/or pull on a pair of wind-blocking rain pants).

Off the bike, I can take off my jacket and walk around town comfortably, blending right in rather than feeling self-conscious for swishing around in noisy “ski pants.” They have two small front pockets to hold keys, cash and my I.D., but no rear pocket so my smartphone has to go in my jacket or purse. And they’re easy to care for–just throw them in the washing machine on “cold” with mild detergent and hang them up to dry.

GoGo Gear's Kevlar leggings are form-fitting and comfortable.
GoGo Gear’s Kevlar leggings are form-fitting and comfortable.

Like jeans or other cotton pants, GoGo Gear leggings aren’t water-resistant, so you’ll need to carry waterproof overpants in case of inclement weather. Also, sizes are not the same as what you would normally wear with regular pants, so be sure to follow the sizing instructions and recommendations on the GoGo Gear website. My measurements meant that I had to order a larger size to accommodate my hips, which makes the waist a little too large.

Some outerwear companies add a drawstring in the waistband so you can tighten up the waist and still have room for curves. GoGo Gear leggings don’t have a drawstring but they do have belt loops, so unless I wear a belt they sometimes slide down and I have to hitch them up. Also, given my measurements and height (5 foot, 1 inch), the inseam is a little long and the leggings bunch up around my boots.

In all honesty, the fitment issues are minor, especially given how comfortable and “normal” these leggings are. Really, my only complaints are that I didn’t discover these sooner and that I only own one pair! Retailing for $159, GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings are available in black only, in sizes 2-26 (visit the website for detailed instructions on how to properly choose your size).

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