I enjoyed reading the story on racer Nichole Mees. I only knew her as the wife of Jared Mees and never realized how much racing she did herself. Thanks for sharing such a killer story on her life, her racing success, and what she’s doing as a mom now. What an amazing and inspiring woman! Sometimes the achievements we make as moms are overlooked. Hope you keep putting out stories that feature moms. I’m a mom, I ride both on road and off-road, and I’m already working with my kids on STACYC bikes. Can’t wait to see what you have coming in the future. -Kirsty Cline, SC


Thanks for your note! We love moto moms here at Woman Rider (I’m a mom myself), so stay tuned for stories featuring other badass moms, as well as guides, tips, and reviews specifically for moto moms! And hey, feel free to share your story with us.

-Joy Burgess (Editor)

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