Hi Joy,

I don’t normally reply to requests to provide feedback. I love your publication. I really like to hear about things that are made specifically for women, like riding/safety clothing. I have been riding, starting with dirt bikes for over 30 years. I had to endure, like many of us, trying to get “men’s small” to somehow work for clothing or the alternative, getting riding gear that in the past, was pink, very feminine and quite honestly was made more for fashion that function. Please don’t loose that. 

I also like to read about safety tips/riding tips, those serve as good reminders since we all have a habit of falling into complacency. And even this old broad learns new things!!!

I also enjoy reading about riding routes/trips that folks have taken, reality pieces if you will. I enjoy riding mostly to just get away and unwind.  taking motorcycle trips is so much fun, a very different way of getting to know your fellow “man.”

Keep up the good work and ride on!!


Hi Arlene! 
Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It totally made my day to read your note today. Such an encouragement to read your words. 

Yes, we definitely plan to continue doing product reviews and articles on all kinds of gear, from clothing made for women riders to products that make it easier to work on your own bike. And we’re planning some great safety-related topics coming regularly as we move forward, because you’re right – we all need to stay alert and stay safe out there! You can also expect to see more touring stories, too.

We’re also creating a section coming soon for readers that want to share their own stories with our audience. If you’re ever interested in sharing your story or a favorite story from your riding experience, we’d love to share that!

So great to connect with you. Feel free to email anytime and chime in with thoughts and suggestions.

Joy Burgess, Editor

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