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Over the past several years there has been widespread growth in female-oriented activism. Would you take a solid stand in support of girls everywhere? Would you agree to travel on two-wheels across five continents, German Shepherd in tow, dedicating 18 months of your life to raising awareness and funds?

Jess Stone certainly would.

And she’s doing so in a way that creates an easier opportunity for others to support girls everywhere via a fundraiser campaign for Girl Up, so that you can help without having to be the one to traverse continents.

Stone is a former contributor to our sister publication, Rider, who detailed both what it was like to ride her motorcycle with her dog on board and how she and her husband designed the K9 Moto Cockpit that made it possible. (Click here to read the fully story.) She has since gone on to start Ruffly, “where she works with women artisans to make ethical outdoor dog gear that does good, goes everywhere, and looks amazing.”

More information about the outdoor dog gear company can be found at

Jess Stone and Moxie on a motorcycle by a mountain

Even with a company to run, Stone is compelled to complete this ride around the world in support of the Girl Up mission.

Girl Up is “a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders,” as described on the organization’s website, and is focused on “inspiring a generation of girls to be a force for gender equality and social change.”

Its empowerment and leadership development programs are meant to give girls the skills and tools to step up and take charge in enacting change through advocacy, fundraising, storytelling, and organizing.

Find out more about the cause at

Stone is taking on this feat to support Girl Up because she believes in empowering young girls, having experienced firsthand the effect that confidence can have in a woman’s life. Initially being someone with low self-confidence, she had to overcome that barrier in order to maneuver a motorcycle for the first time. In turn, she gained self-assurance in other areas of her life through the riding that she was initially fearful of, and motorcycles became a defining part of her life. She believes in the traits that Girl Up promotes and so strongly tries to instill, and is making that even more clear through her partnership with them.

Starting March 5, 2022, in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Stone will travel for 18 months through North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America with her 75-pound German Shepherd, Moxie, riding as a passenger.

This is far from Stone’s first two-wheel trip with her canine friend, and just one of the reasons that this dedicated ride is a special one. Not only is she hoping to raise money, but Stone is also tackling this Moxie-accompanied ride with the hope of serving as an inspiration for girls everywhere by showing that anyone – any girl – can achieve something big.

Their Girl Up fundraising goal is $100k, and donations can be made at Additionally, 10% of Ruffly gear sales are being donated to the cause.

If this snippet has left you wanting more details about the motivated rider and her upcoming journey, then stay tuned for the full Woman Rider profile on Jess Stone. We will detail her experiences riding with Moxie and offer the inside scoop on the upcoming ride around the world to support Girl Up. Stone will also be a featured guest on an upcoming episode of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast.

Jess Stone and Moxie on a motorcycle by a lake

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