The Motorcycle Safety Foundation will help adventure and dual-purpose riders looking to learn fundamental off-road skills through its newest offering, the AdventureBike RiderCourse (ADVRC). The course features 12 exercises and an adventure prep discussion that will help riders better understand and control their motorcycle so that they can gain off-road riding confidence and be ready to take on bigger adventure challenges, more advanced training, and participate in more tours, events, and rides.

“Adventure and dual-purpose motorcycles open a whole new world of riding possibilities,” said Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  “Sales in this category have increased more than 46 percent since 2019. Creating a course to help those new, or a bit rusty, to riding off-road is a need we are excited to meet.”

Motorcycle Safety Foundation AdventureBike RiderCourse

The course is a single-day experience taken on a student’s personal ADV or dual-purpose motorcycle. All instruction is done on an MSF-recognized riding range under the guidance of MSF-certified ADVRC rider coaches. As availability of the course spreads nationwide, it will be easier than ever for riders to gain core off-road skills.

MSF AdventureBike RiderCourse Overview

  • ADV Familiarization – Motorcycle equipment and features
  • Basic Controls – Motorcycle controls for starting, stopping, straight-line riding, turning
  • Controlled Loss of Traction – How and when to use it
  • Standing Up – How, when, and why
  • Pivot/Rider Posture – Shifting weight and posture for bike control
  • Risk Management – Understanding risk offset and applying “SEE” strategy 
  • Counterweight – Maneuvering for slow, tight turns 
  • Straight-Line Braking – Controlling a rear tire skid, threshold braking 
  • Rear-Wheel Steering – How and when to use rear-wheel brake or throttle to steer 
  • Obstacles – How to cross over obstacles effectively
  • U-Turn on a Hill – How to make a U-turn when going uphill
  • Traversing a Hill – How to ride across a hill
  • Adventure Prep – Tips for going out and having an adventure

The MSF AdventureBike RiderCourse is currently available in 12 states through various private- and MSF-run training sites, and under the Adventure Touring Rider Course name through participating Harley-Davidson Riding Academy locations.

“The AdventureBike RiderCourse will make core off-road skill building available nationwide and help these riders explore the capabilities of their motorcycles,” said Corey Eastman, director of rider education expansion. “We hope riders take this knowledge and go on to discover thousands of ADV riding opportunities.”

More than 100 MSF coaches are working to become certified to teach the AdventureBike RiderCourse by year’s end. The site will be updated regularly as new training sites come online.

More information available at the AdventureBike RiderCourse Landing Page.

ADVRC Overview Video:

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the country’s leading safety resource and advocate for motorcyclists, creates education and training systems for riders of every experience level. For those looking to get into riding, formal motorcycle training, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse, is among the best ways to learn. MSF also offers refresher courses and advanced skills courses for experienced riders.

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