Highway 21 Axle Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes

When I’m riding, no one has to tell me that the journey is the destination, because I’m usually not thinking about where I’ll end up. I’m thinking about how much fun I’m having in the moment. However, motorcycles are also a way to get from Point A to Point B. Eventually, the joy of the journey ends, and I have to park and dismount. After that, I must use my feet to get to where I’m going. I start walking, and before I know it, the motorcycle boots that were so comfy minutes before suddenly remind me that the boots were made for riding, not walking, and that’s just what they do. That’s not the case with Highway 21’s Axle Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes.

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Whether I’m riding or walking, zipping or skipping, the Axles feel like they belong. They also look like they belong, with an appearance that resembles high-top sneakers. The black leather upper provides a discreet look, while the suede cuff and trim around the metal eyelets add character.

While riding, the Axle shoes feel comfortable and protective. They are not as bulky as some riding boots, making it easier to feel where my foot is and get my toe under the shifter. The composite shank helps isolate vibrations, although my feet and legs get a little tingly after long hours in the saddle. I’ll take some vibration to be able to feel where my foot is, but others might prefer more damping.

Highway 21 Axle Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes
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Part of the walkable comfort of the Axle shoes is due to their flexibility and light weight. They are easy to move around in, and the mesh inner liner adds comfort. However, that flexibility comes at the price of some protection. The shoes do have dual-density ankle protectors and reinforced toe and heel boxes for support and impact protection.

Highway 21 Axle Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes

Highway 21 also offers a version of the Axle shoes with a textile upper, which have an appearance that appeals to me more than the leather upper. However, the leather version has a great advantage: Hydraguard waterproofing. If there is one bit of riding gear I want to be waterproof, it’s my footwear. Squishing around on soggy feet can turn a good day into an unpleasant one. While riding in the rain wearing the Axle shoes, my feet stay completely dry, and the leather keeps my feet warmer than the textile version, making these shoes preferable for cool weather riding.

Highway 21 Axle Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Shoes are a great option for commuters or riders who spend a lot of time walking in their riding footwear. They are available in men’s and women’s sizes for $139.95, and the textile version without waterproofing is available for $109.95.

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