When I first started riding with my Sena Bluetooth helmet communication system, it quickly became clear that having my phone out where I could see it and keep it plugged into my bike’s auxiliary power socket was going to be a real convenience. But how to mount it to the bike in a way that would let me easily access all the buttons and use the touchscreen, yet keep it securely in place even when riding rough trails?

The good folks at RAM Mounts have an easy solution: the X-Grip. Using spring-loaded arms with rubber ends, mounted on a backing plate with a standard size RAM ball on the back, the X-Grip can hold any phone or tablet (if you’re into carrying a tablet on your bike…). There are multiple sizes available, depending on the size of your device. I have an iPhone 6S (not the Plus) with an Otterbox Commuter case, so I went with the standard Universal X-Grip (part number RAM-HOL-UN7BU).

RAM Mount X-Grip
The RAM X-Grip clutches your phone or tablet in its spring-loaded, rubber-tipped arms.

It takes two hands to get the phone on and off: squeeze the two side tips together, opening the spring-loaded arms, and position the phone in the middle. Then let the tips move back into place, being careful not to let them push any buttons on either side of the phone. Once the phone is in the X-Grip’s clutches, it’s almost impossible to shake loose.

(Almost—I did lose one iPhone 6S on a particularly fast stretch of road, with a strong headwind and no wind protection. I had neglected to attach the included rubber webbing—see below.)

For added peace of mind, the X-Grip also includes rubber webbing that slips over the phone’s corners, holding it firmly against the backing plate. My advice: use it.

RAM Mount X-Grip
The author’s iPhone 6S in an Otterbox case, mounted on the X-Grip. Note the rubber webbing wrapped around the corners.

There are a bazillion (I stopped counting at 25) mounting options for the X-Grip, including options for your car or bicycle. I wanted to be able to move my mount from bike to bike, so I opted for the U-bolt handlebar mount and double socket arm (part number RAM-B-149Z-UN7U).

With the double socket arm, I can adjust the angle and position of my phone depending on what bike I’m riding. Apart from the one phone I lost thank to my own neglect, the X-Grip has worked perfectly, even when I’m on rough dual-sport trails. If you’re looking for a rugged, versatile phone mounting solution, I highly recommend the X-Grip.


Price: $27.99 ($52.49 with U-bolt handlebar mount and double socket arm kit)

For more information, visit rammount.com.

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