I never thought I’d be one of those “dorky” riders who wears high-viz. Then I got a bit older, had a few close calls and realized that if I stood out to all those distracted, taco-eating, texting drivers, I might have a better chance of being seen and therefore not run over. And so I reached out to my friends at Tour Master and asked them to send me a versatile jacket that incorporated some high-viz yellow. This would be primarily a commuting jacket, I told them, so it would need to be comfortable in any condition, from cold rain to “but it’s a dry heat” SoCal summer temps. They sent me this jacket: the Pivot.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it fits very well and looks quite good on me. Not dorky at all! The high-viz is also right where I want it: on the sleeves, sides and upper/lower back, so I’m visible from any direction. The Pivot comes with a two-piece removable liner, both of which can be used independently. One is a waterproof membrane with an elastic bottom hem that keeps it in place around your waist, the other is a quilted insulation layer (which I usually toss into a box; I prefer to wear standalone technical mid-layers). Color-coded attachment straps ease the frustration of installing/removing the layers. The Pivot also incorporates an integrated rain hood that folds into the collar. The idea is to unroll it and wear it under your helmet, preventing water from running down the back of your neck.

Tour Master Pivot jacket
The Tour Master Pivot has high-viz where it needs to be: on the sleeves and around the perimeter of the jacket. Notice how only my arms, chest and shoulders are visible above and around the windscreen. If you’re wearing a backpack, having high-viz on your sleeves is even more important.

When things heat up, the jacket has large panels on either side of the chest and across the entire back that unzip and fold away, revealing cooling mesh. There are also zippered vents on each upper arm. Fit can be customized with four sleeve straps that snap into one of two positions as well as hook-and-loop waist straps. Elastic panels at the hips allow for added stretch when you’re seated in the riding position.

The collar is secured with an ingenious adjustable snap, but the cuffs annoyed me with their hook-and-loop closures that are hard to cinch down for an airtight seal. Pockets abound, with two zippered at the hips, two hook-and-loop inside and one zippered on the inside right chest.

Tour Master Pivot side view.
Tour Master Pivot side view.

While it doesn’t flow as much air as a full mesh jacket, the Pivot is still better than any of my other standard vented jackets, and it’s plenty comfortable below 90 degrees. With heavy wear (I commute to work on a motorcycle every day), you’ll need to wash the Pivot regularly to keep the high-viz nice and bright. Just be sure to remove the armor first!

The Pivot is available in Black in women’s sizes XS-XL and Plus S-L, and in Black/High-Viz in women’s sizes XS-XL. It’s also available in men’s sizes.


Fit: Sport-Touring

Sizing: Runs true to size

Armor: CE-approved armor in shoulders and elbows, triple-density foam back protector

Price: $249.99

For more information, visit tourmaster.com.

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