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Update, December 17, 2019 – Nearly 800 of you have joined our Consumer Panel, so we’re going to move forward with the next steps. Expect to see your first survey next month (January 2020), and we’re diving right into a hot-button topic: apparel.

In the meantime, new ladies can still join, so feel free to pass this link along to any women riders you think might be interested!

Almost every day I get an email or Facebook message from a fellow woman rider that goes something like this:

“Why don’t manufacturers make bikes with shorter seat heights?”

“Why do riding boots always have such a slim calf? I can’t zip them all the way up!”

“Please tell them to make (insert piece of apparel here) that fits REAL women.”

We are in a unique and powerful position here at Woman Rider, populated with what I believe to be the largest and most diverse group of female motorcycle enthusiasts (that would be you). 

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the motorcycle industry, and we also happen to exercise considerable control over household purchases even when we aren’t the one in the rider’s seat. I think that motorcycle and apparel manufacturers, tour companies and dealerships all want to make us happy…they just don’t know how to do that!

So I thought, let’s create a consumer panel, so that we can join together in a chorus impossible to ignore, and make our voices and opinions known. 

I would like to invite YOU to join our first-ever Woman Rider Consumer Panel. If you would like to participate, the link at the bottom of this page will take you to a survey with some baseline demographic questions that will give us an idea of who we all are and what we ride. I’ll share some of that information with you once we’ve compiled it, and we can see what our family of moto-sisters looks like.

Update (Nov. 20, 2019): So far 602 of you have signed up for our Consumer Panel, which blows my mind! I’m so excited to get this started. Here is some more interesting info about who we all are:

  • 88% of us are primarily a rider, and 10% both ride our own and as a passenger
  • 42% of us don’t have any kids
  • 63% of us are married or in a domestic partnership
  • Nearly 60% of us ride a cruiser, bagger or V-twin touring bike
  • 30% of us have three or more bikes in the garage!

Then, we’ll start sending out questions to those of you on our panel, where you can share your opinions, desires and dislikes. We won’t spam you — I’m picturing maybe one or two emails per month — and it’s important for you to know that I take your privacy very seriously, so none of your personal info (like your name or email) will be shared when we compile the panel’s answers.

Because we are the sister publication to one of the most-respected motorcycle print magazines in North America (Rider Magazine) and the largest dealer-facing trade magazine (Powersports Business), we have a direct line to the decision-makers in the industry. We are in a unique position to be able to make our voices heard by the people who are in a position to actually do something about it! The link to join our Consumer Panel is below. Please feel free to share it with other woman riders who might not be on our e-newsletter list. Let’s stand together and be heard!

Click here to join the Woman Rider Consumer Panel.

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  1. I have been a trike rider since 1992. I had a goldwing trike with Lehman conversion. It had 117,000 miles when I sold it and bought a 2009 Harley with Lehman conversion. It had 10,000 miles when I bought has close to 90,000 and a new engine. I also towed several trailers with both bikes. I have been a regular at Sturgis since 2012. My favorite place to ride.
    My husband and I usually do 3,000 to 5,000 mile trip every year. He is planning 2021 trip as we speak. I am 73 and he is 74 and still riding and loving the life style.


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