We all want to look good on and off our bikes, but it goes without saying that being safe and protected should take priority. Should. I’ll be the first to admit that there have been times (when I was younger and obviously invincible — ha) when I sacrificed the latter in the name of the former. But thankfully, nowadays we have more options when it comes to riding apparel that looks good and protects our ass…ets.

MotoGirl is a UK-based, female-owned and run apparel company and they’ve made it their mission to create truly protective, yet comfortable and flattering women’s motorcycle gear. When I heard about their Kevlar-lined jeggings that have achieved CE certification for both impact and abrasion, I just had to get a pair to test.

I opted for the Kevlar-lined Melissa jeggings in grey (they come in five colors), which are CE-certified to A level for abrasion and they come with CE level 2 knee armor (there are pockets for optional hip armor). MotoGirl products are distributed in the U.S. through a dealer in Chicago called Wind & Throttle, and they quickly set me up with a pair.

MotoGirl melissa jegging
The Melissas have a high-waisted jegging fit, with big, wide belt loops that are helpful for pulling them up and over your hips.

Figuring out the sizing was the first challenge, as the pants are all in UK sizes (naturally), but the ladies at MotoGirl were super helpful and as it turned out, their recommendation was spot-on. The Melissa jeggings come in three leg lengths (THANK YOU, MotoGirl!), which means that I was able to order a tall and actually have my knee armor sit in the correct position.

Pulling them on for the first time, I was surprised at just how “legging”-like the Melissas are. There is no snap or zipper in the front, just a somewhat stretchy waistband that sits very high — at the actual waist, covering my belly button. There are nice, deep waist pockets that won’t spill your stuff out as soon as you climb on the bike, plus two rear pockets.

MotoGirl melissa jegging
The Melissas look great both on and off the bike, and despite the knee armor I’d bet that many people don’t even realize they are Kevlar-lined riding jeans.

It was a challenge pulling the Melissas on at first, tugging first on the front belt loops, then the rear, doing a shimmy dance as I slithered into them. But it got easier as the pants broke in, and now I can pull them up without a second thought.

One caveat is for those who have more of an hourglass figure than I do…since the waistband has only so much stretch and there are no zippers or other ways to open it up further, pulling it up over wide hips might be a problem — emphasis on “might” as we haven’t actually tried any larger sizes.

The upshot is that once on, they hug my (limited) curves beautifully, and the high waistband means no gapping even when I’m bent over a sport bike.

2020 Kawasaki Ninja 650
I wear the Melissas on all my everyday rides, and they are comfortable and look good in any situation, on or off the bike. Photo by Kevin Wing.

The knee armor, being CE level 2, is fairly thick and can be stiff when I first put on the pants, but after absorbing some body heat the armor molds nicely to my knees and remains fairly comfortable on longer rides. And the stretchy fit keeps the armor exactly where it needs to be.

Kevlar coverage is ample, with the only areas not covered being the insides of the thighs and the backs of the calves — areas not likely to be touching the ground in the event of a slide. If you prefer more Kevlar coverage, MotoGirl has other pants that fit that bill.

The Melissas have now become my go-to everyday riding jeans, and after breaking in have molded to my body like a second skin. At $154, they are quite a value too, and it’s awesome knowing I’m supporting a business doing right by female riders.

MotoGirl melissa jegging
Pockets! They’re proper too, deep enough to swallow keys, chapstick, whatever, without worry that it will spill out the moment you swing a leg over the saddle.

Fit: Jeggings (form-fitting)
Sizing: Runs small, consider going up one size from your normal U.S. size; see MotoGirl’s size chart
Armor: Kevlar lining in abrasion zones, CE level 2 armor at knees
Price: $154
Website: motogirl.co.uk; windandthrottle.com

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  1. I bought a pair of MotoGirl leggings for my daughter in law for Christmas and she loves them. Ellen at MotoGirl was great to work with in getting the proper size. I highly recommend them!

  2. Love Motogirl gear. Their black 🖤 kevlar leggings are my go to gear. They are now called Unmentionables in our ladies bike forum as folk got so fed up of them being discussed as they were so popular. Motogirl have even put that name on a sweatshirt on their brand because they are so popular 💕

  3. This company’s products, both the leggings and jeggings are so comfortable that I continue to wear them after I’ve finished riding. I even did some yoga in them…. well, in the privacy of my home 🙂
    Nice review !

  4. I was hoping this review would have your size/measurements plus the size you ordered to help me along the size I would need to buy! I’ve just bought these for my skinny 12 year old and ordered her a UK8 and when in put my measurements in it says I should order a 10, but looking at my daughters and the struggle we had squeezing her little bum into them, I’m thinking I’d need a 14 or a 16! I’m 5’6″ usually a UK10 and weigh around 138lbs. Thank you!

  5. I brought a pair of these leggings. I thought they were super. Lovely fit comfortable perfect for bike. I have had Jean’s approximately 3 months. I have noticed sun has taken a lot of colour out of the leg. Also I washed them on cool wash and the kevlar lining seems to have shrunk so now the legs are very wrinkled when I wear them. What a shame it has put me off buying a second pair.


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