In our April e-newsletter (if you don’t subscribe, you can sign up here — it’s free!), we invited our readers to send in photos of what they’re doing in their free time — of which we all have a lot more nowadays. Here is what we received so far:

Jane Cross in Blaine, Minnesota, just finished this gorgeous afghan.

afghan blanket

She also says she’s made about 100 face mask extenders, which are pretty much the cutest.

face mask extenders

And she’s made about a dozen hats and matching cowls. As she puts it, “Being in Minnesota, this time of year it can be 65 degrees one day and 28 degrees the next!” She’s looking forward to getting out on the bike for a little social distancing ride.

knitted hat and cowl

Meanwhile, in Oregon, it looks like the flowers are really blooming, and since Jim McNulty enjoys photography he snapped these beautiful shots in his front yard.


He says he’s not sure what kind of tree this is, as he just moved to Oregon from Nevada. Any horticulture experts out there who might be able to let us know?


We love this photo from Kelley McGrath, who is practicing ATGATT while she stays in shape. She noted an upside to this whole situation, which is that she’s able to participate in “lots of great ballet classes being streamed live by dancers I would never be able to take a class with in person.”

ballet in motorcycle gear

Dale Kiesewetter sent us this photo of some lovely old clocks, which he cleans and repairs. He reports that he even has some clocks with wooden movements (as opposed to brass) that date from the 1830s and were manufactured in Connecticut.

old clocks

And this photo brought a chuckle…though we’ll leave out any identifying information as we’re not entirely sure of the legality…. Maybe he’s distilling essential oils….


Keep those photos coming, we’re really enjoying this! You can send them to

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