I must have a thing for blue. The very first motorcycle I ever bought brand new, off the showroom floor, was a 2000 Suzuki SV650…and it was blue. Twenty years later, I walked into the exact same dealership (Dreyer Honda in Indianapolis, the oldest Honda motorcycle dealer in the United States), and rode away on a new 2019 Honda NC750X — in a beautiful blue, only available for one model year.

Saying I rode it right off the showroom floor would be fairly close to accurate. It was pouring rain the day I picked it up (a Saturday, since I live and work an hour away Monday through Friday), so they rolled it into the service department and let me gear up inside where it was dry. That done, I climbed aboard and nodded. The big roll-up door clattered open to a curtain of rain, the tech guy wished me a safe ride, and I dropped my visor and pulled out for my very wet hour-long ride home.

My rides since then have been much more pleasant, needless to say.

So why an NC750X? One word: utility. This bike checks all the boxes for me. It handles well enough that I’ll be able to surprise a sportbike rider or two in the twisties. It’s got that tall, ADV-like, ready-for-anything riding position that’s perfect for seeing over traffic, standing up on gravel roads and long hours in the saddle during road trips. There’s enough power for easy passing and smooth freeway cruising. Fuel economy is stellar (making up for the puny 3.7-gallon gas tank). The price is right (MSRP: $8,099). Oh, and the most important feature of all: the frunk! I’ll probably create an entire post dedicated to all the things you can put into the NC750X’s locking storage compartment, a.k.a. the “frunk.”

But I digress. The NC is a bit of an oddball, hard to define and resistant to being shoved into a conveniently labeled box — which pretty much describes me, so I figure we’re meant to be together.

I’ve already completed the break-in mileage, and oil and a filter are currently on their way. The first oil change is an important one, not just for the bike’s mechanical well-being but also for that mother/child bonding that everyone who’s ever bought a new bike understands perfectly.

You want to see some pictures?? (Yep, proud new moto-mama.)

2019 Honda NC750X blue
Low, forested hills and lush farmland are the standard backdrop in Southern Indiana. The NC750X takes to the diverse roads in this area like a duck to water.
gravel road southern Indiana
For example, without a capable bike like the NC you’ll miss out on roads like this: Tower Ridge Road, packed and loose gravel that carves through the Hoosier National Forest south of Monroe Lake.
popcorn indiana
Yes, there really is a town called Popcorn in Indiana. Population: 42.
Honda NC750X farmland
Oh, also: did I mention I bought a new bike?? I can’t wait to start accessorizing it: hand guards, engine crash bars, aux lights and a Givi top case are on the short list.

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  1. Other than the beak, that is a nice looking bike. I have read they get very good mileage at around 70 mpg, so that should be a great commuted!

  2. The handlebars look nice and narrow.
    I’m not sure why wide handlebars are a trend in motorcycles (and road bicycles for that matter).

  3. I have a 2014 NC700X. I put over 35,000 miless on it and even rode it from coast to coast and back. I though about selling it when I bought an Africa Twin but like it so much I decided to keep it. They are great all around motorcycles.

  4. Sorry to barge in here — my wife subscribes to this newsletter/blog — but I was happy to see the very same bike I purchased last year. Mine is also in blue; in fact, I wanted the blue so badly that I drove 60 miles to purchase possibly the only one in southeastern Pennsylvania at Lancaster Honda, when I have two other Honda dealers (Blackman’s in Emmaus and Martin in Boyertown) within less than 15 miles of me. A year later, it’s approaching 3,000 miles, and I’ve loved every one of them. I’d had an Aprilia Mana 850 for almost 12 years and didn’t know how (or if) I could ever adjust, but I’m so glad I bought the Honda. Next up: upgrading my wife’s 2004 Honda Rebel — we’re looking! (The NC750X is too tall for her.) Thanks for the post!

    • I rode a Honda Rebel for a year also! Loved that little bike. This year I sold it, and bought probably the last Honda CB500f in Berks County at Martin Moto. Great bike! Perfect stand-over height for a lady. Lots of power, very nimble. I put a Puig windscreen on it and handlebar risers. And that beautiful red bike is easily seen by other drivers, I hope to ride it in the Kutztown area for many years to come!

  5. Great looking bike (even the beak)! You are most fortunate to be near ‘Pop’ Dreyer’s dealership – great folks and one of the best service departments going. Although ‘Pop’ left us in 1989, the family has maintained his legacy with regards to the dealership. Indianapolis is a wonderful riding area and I certainly enjoyed the MotoGP racing that took place there for a few years. Hoping to attend the MotoAmerica races scheduled there later this year. I will look for that blue NC750X for an additional extended review….

  6. I have purchased all of my bikes from Dreyer Honda. Great family! Still riding first trike they built, 2006 Gold Wing/Champion conversion.

  7. Congrats on a beautiful new motorcycle! I’m curious why this bike over the wee Strom? I’m also considering a bike in this range and would like to hear your decision process.

  8. Jenny, enjoy the new ride. I just took one from New Jersey to California and had a great time with it. I wholeheartedly agree that the frunk is brilliant and makes it a superb commuter bike.

  9. Sweet ride — and I’m partial to blue as well, though somehow none of the bikes I’ve owned has been that color.

    Looking forward to seeing how you trick it out over time.

  10. I like blue too. I have a blue ST1300 now. Dawn moved up to a little 04 750 Guzzi. I liked it so much I found another for me. They’re not as well-suited for travelling and dirt as your Honda, but I love using full throttle much of the time without risking arrest.

    Looking forward to your adventures with your new bike!

  11. I traded in my ctx700 $6850- trade, $4200 out the door,for the 2019 blue nc750x, zero miles, had to drive 100 miles, only blue new model in Wi.. drove the vstrom 650, my neighbor has one, . This honda gets 70 MPG. ,Like my old one.. liked the riding position better.. also have a tracer gt.900.( 2019)


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