I had an idea. What if we created a space where woman riders could share their favorite rides, roads and routes, in a true blog format? Instead of just posting a bunch of photos and trying to tell the story on a crowded social media platform or forum, what if we made a place where we could write our stories and share our experiences with other like-minded riders — sharing ideas, inspirations and dreams?

So I did it. It’s a new section of this website called WR Rambles (if you linked directly to this story, you’ll find it under the “Community” category at the top of the homepage). I’ve posted a couple of stories of my own to get you started, but here’s the gist:

If you want to contribute to WR Rambles, send me an email (jsmith@epgmediallc.com) with photos (as many as you’d like, but try to pick out the “best” ones), captions if you want, and whatever you’d like to write about your Ramble (keep it to 1,200 words or less if possible).

Pro tip: Since photo files tend to be large, it’s easiest to use a free file transfer service like WeTransfer to send me your photos.

Easier said than done, I know. Here are some tips to help get those creative juices flowing, and you’ll be a moto-journalist pro in no time:

  • Instead of “first I went here, then I turned here, then I went there,” try to focus on the intangibles: what makes that road or route so enjoyable?
  • Tell us about some of the history of the area or even of that particular road.
  • Are there any interesting way points or stopping points along the way? And don’t forget to tell us where to stop and eat!
  • Did you go alone or with friends? Did you meet anyone along the way?
  • Most importantly, tell us why YOU enjoyed this ride!

I’m looking forward to seeing — and sharing — your Rambles and stories.


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