For blogger/vlogger and motorcyclist Brittany Hughes, it was important to send a message.

     The 28-year-old from Douglasville, Georgia, has only been a motorcycle rider for 3.5 years after getting into it in September of 2017 as a way to share experiences with her husband. But, according to Brittany, “I immediately fell in love with motorcycles, and I ended up riding more than my husband!”

     Her specific motorcycle-based vlog – BrittBraap – was actually started after a very serious accident. While riding in the Blood Mountain area near Blairville, Georgia, her front tire washed out in a tight turn after it hit some oil, and she went down hard.

     “I suffered multiple fractures in my thorasic spine, one requiring aftermarket part installation (T7-9 are now fused, with rods and screws),” she told us. “I began vlogging my recovery story, struggles and objectives, and posted them on my YouTube channel in hopes I may encourage women to return to riding after an accident: If I can do it anyone can.”

     She does a nice job with many of her videos on her Youtube channel, but one that caught our eyes from earlier this year is entitled, “5 Things Women Motorcycle Riders HATE! PLEASE MEN STOP!!”

     “I created this specific video after hearing many women riders concerned about how they’re treated in this male-dominated industry,” she told us this week. “We are too often not seen as equals in this sport – either talked down to, or not at all! I had hoped to share our struggles to enlighten anyone in the industry who is willing to watch, and to let other women riders know they’re not alone.”

     It is posted directly below. She’s got many other interesting videos that are worth a gander: Here’s a link to her Youtube channel. We wish her the best.  

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  1. I hate it when I am asked, “Is that your husbands bike?” “No, It’s my bike!”

    If I decided to ride behind my husband on his bike, we arrive somewhere and I am always asked if I ever have the desire to get a motorcycle license and my own bike. I usually just stare at them with a blank look.

    I have been riding motorcycles since I was a toddler. This was when helmets and safety were not thought of.

  2. I must be one strange dude because I’ve been riding with a woman for 20 years who is a better mechanic than me, a better rider than me and who is one awesome person. She is married to someone else and my wife rides with me. I consider myself lucky just to call her a friend. Plus when we first started riding together, her favorite ride was 1500+ cc’s. Not many guys can control that size bike.

  3. Lady, you ROCK!! Spot on with all you thoughts and comments. And, welcome to the ‘fold’! I hope that some day I might cross paths with you just to buy you, and your husband, a beer. Or, whatever! That guy has it all in you. And, you are totally correct about the ‘chicken strips’! Anybody who rides the street on the edge , and lives to tell about it, is just lucky. Carry on. God bless.

  4. I have ridden in 14 states alone and 2 countries.

    So, the term “chicken-strips” was new to me … thank you.

    Good for you…that you have enough “moxie” to speak up on these issues. Really, men need to hear what you presented. Keep up the good work.

    Do you have 5 more “hated topics.?”
    Please share.

    Be safe.! 👍

  5. I grew up riding dirt bikes and have been riding the streets for over 20 years. You nailed it in your video. A lot of guys try to be “cute” with their comments and advice and end up being very condescending. I get a lot of puzzled looks from guys when I pull into a parking lot on my BMW R1250GS. It was even worse when I was riding the BMW R1200 GSA. Cheers to you and all the women riders tearing up the twisties, the tracks and the dirt!

  6. Video is sad. I felt it a little condescending to us men who encourage female riding as my wife rides an 1800CC Indian and my daughter did 5000 miles in her first year. I am glad you are riding and you enjoy it. You say treat female riders as the male riders. Well, we look at tire usage with them also. I also agree with you about sexualizing the rider. If my daughters or granddaughters posed in a sexual way, I would be disappointed.

  7. First, I want to say you are model of strength and courage for us all, men and women. Second, I’m proud to say, I’ve never been guilty of any of these offenses. The fact is, every woman rider I ever met knew more about their bikes, than I so I just kept my mouth shut and learned. Great video and thank you for sharing. It’s a great reminder not to be a Dumbass!

  8. Been riding since 1955 and yes, I have chicken strips! Perhaps at age 82 that is one of the reasons that I’m still riding. Be safe.

    Bill Herbert

  9. Your so right! I was in a accident in a corner after a rain, I know what happened, I walked away, but two guys told me I know what you did wrong. No one asked me what happened, they told me what happened. So after a few months one asked me what happened, all I said is you told me what happened, you tell me. I ride a Can Am because I can’t ride a two wheeler for medical reason. I love my ride but miss my sport bike, my Can Am can do a lot! I was told about my tire, and how they couldn’t believe how much I of my tire I used. They taught me what a switchback was and how to drive it.

  10. First, as a male rider of almost 50 years, I’d like to apologize for all the men’s assumptions. I think is wonderful that there are women rider who are passionate about the sport. It matters not what size the bike is. As for chicken strips, I concur about them on street riders, more as a safety margin. Any women looking for some good riding in the Sierra’s. Would love hearing from them. Ride on Ladies!

  11. I’m only a passenger at the moment, first year at it. I’ve just joined my hubby in an RC and it’s half ruined my experience. A lot of sexualizing of women and the women don’t seem to care, I don’t feel I fit in because I don’t share the same values. I love riding with them but when we stop to chat and everyone is talking about gaining patches if you flash your boobs I don’t even know what to say. I’d love to know how other females that DON’T like this sexualization attitude deal with this when in groups. I feel like I have to just keep my mouth shut, smile and nod but inside I’m rolling my eyes and am sick of this old school patriarch attitude.
    This was an empowering video for me as I have been saving up for my own bike for next summer.
    Thanks so much!


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