The MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge is a motorcycle adventure expedition across South America. Rebecca Pacheco is a woman rider, and one of the eager participants of the upcoming challenge, with plans to release a blog in July for viewers to follow along. Stay tuned for updates about the challenge and Rebecca’s involvement. Read more in the press release below.

MotoDreamer, with its 15 years of experience in pioneering motorcycle tours to unlikely and unique destinations worldwide, has developed a once-in-a-lifetime and mind-blowing motorcycle adventure expedition traversing the South American continent, circumnavigating the tremendous Amazonian basin in its entirety and visiting seven countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana.

Bucket-list items along the expedition include Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, Quito, Nazca lines, Fordlandia, and the Colombian Coffee Region. The challenge will also explore the Guiana Space Centre, Kaieteur falls, and the Amazon River Basin, covering 8,000 miles of incredible diversity and adventure. ADV riders can ride their own bike or rent a fully equipped dual sport bike from MotoDreamer in Colombia.

You could be forgiven if you are picturing a bunch of hairy bikers, all sweaty, covered in baked mud, and riding through grueling terrain, then negotiating awesome mountains, together with deep canyons, never-ending waterfalls, deserts, river basins, hairpins galore, and much more. But you would be partially wrong…

As a matter of fact, meet Rebecca Pacheco.

Pacheco is a musical producer, creative director, recording artist, opera conductor, voice coach, concert pianist, and composer. Not to mention a meditation-body movement coach, and also a mud-splattered motorcycle ADV rider.

MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge

Rebecca is one adventurous lady. She is affectionately known by her family and close friends as Becca. Rebecca has many passions, such as snowboarding, skydiving, skiing, and other adventure sports. It’s a wonder where she finds the time to sleep!

MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge

Rebecca is in her thirties. Her list of achievements is worthy of a book. When you discover her love of motorcycle adventure riding in faraway places and the thoughtful reason why she took up this mainly male-dominated sport, you will understand why.

Recently, Rebecca suffered the loss of an extraordinary friend. He was a lifetime motorcycle rider who had traveled the four corners of the world and back on his motorbike.

In honor of his friendship, guidance, and memory, Rebecca took up the same sport. She ventured off, and now rides her BMW 750 and Yamaha 250 to places including the Middle East, North America, Central America, and Uganda.

Pause and imagine what those giant Silverbacks must have thought of this petite-looking female as she said hello in their Ugandan habitat.

Rebecca’s sights are set on August and September 2022 for the MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge.

The challenge is only possible for adventure motorcycle riders such as Rebecca to complete at specific times of the year due to extensive rainfall in some of the areas throughout the rest of the year.

Rebecca will experience everything from dirt, mud, rain, forest tracks, mountain passes, boat crossings, and beautifully paved roads. Mix in fascinating historical and cultural destinations, wildlife, UNESCO World Heritage sites, incredible scenery, and awesome experiences with locals, team, and crew members, Rebecca and the fortunate riders accompanying her will find plenty to write home about. This is a demanding journey; all riders must prepare mentally for anything.

MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge

The trip was designed for adventure touring enthusiasts like Rebecca. She demonstrates off-road riding experience, top physical condition, and social qualities conducive to the teamwork-required flexibility for the journey’s success.

Everyone involved will be going up to high altitudes around 5,000 meters (approximately 16,404 ft) where it can become quite cold. In contrast, most of the expedition will be in humid and warm tropical conditions. Expecting the unexpected will be a must.

The MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge, occurring over 52 days in August and September 2022, is fully supported by a 4×4 support truck, an on-bike multilingual guide, and a very experienced crew from MotoDreamer.

So for Rebecca, MotoDreamer, and the luckiest group of motorcycle adventure riders in this year’s MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge, remember to “keep the rubber side down” and capture all that comes with this epic journey of a lifetime.

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